Big Data & Analytics Solutions

SAP® Enterprise Information Management (EIM), Firstlogic® Data Quality (DQ) and SAP® Business Intelligence (BI) solutions provide comprehensive information management and business analytics functionality that can help you deliver integrated, accurate, and timely data – both structured and unstructured – across your enterprise.


Data Governance

Understand and analyze the trustworthiness of your data and get continuous insight into data quality. Enable data stewards to profile data to identify errors and fix data quality issues.  Consolidate and edit metadata from various data sources into a single repository to provide a semantic view of data to analyze usage, change, and data lineage. 

    • Data Profiling
    • Metadata Management
    • Data Assessment
    • Root Cause & Impact Analysis
    • Validation Rule Management
    • Metadata Business Glossary 

Data Services

SAP Data Services enables you to gain a complete view of information by accessing and combining data – of any size and from any data source – to gain contextual insight and unlock true meaning. With this software, you can access, integrate, and process structured and unstructured content from a variety of data sources across your enterprise. 

    • Address Quality & Data Quality
    • Data Integration 


Address Quality & Data Quality

Cleanse & validate addresses, enrich data with geocoding, define a best record strategy, set match criteria and reduce duplicates to improve data quality.

  • Address Cleansing & Validation (Firstlogic® DQ & SAP® DQM)
    • USPS Zip+4®
    • CASS® (Coding Accuracy Support System) Processing
    • DPV® (Delivery Point Validation)
    • LACSLink® (Locatable Address Conversion System)
    • SuiteLink® (business address)
    • RDI (Residential Delivery Indicator)
    • Z4 Change, eLOT & EWS
    • DSF2® (Delivery Sequence File 2nd Generation)
    • NCOALink® (National Change of Address)
  • International Address Cleansing (SAP® DQM)
    • Canada Postal Certification (SERP)
    • Australia Postal Certification (AMAS)
    • New Zealand Postal Certification (SendRight)
    • North America Address Cleansing
    • South America Address Cleansing
    • Europe Address Cleansing
    • Asia Address Cleansing
    • Africa Address Cleansing 
  • Data Cleansing (Firstlogic DQ® & SAP® DQM)
    • Name Cleansing
    • Title Cleansing
    • Firm Cleansing
    • Gender Assignment
    • Social Security Number Cleansing
    • Email Address Cleansing
    • Phone Number Cleansing
    • Customer Number Standardization
    • Account Number Standardization
    • PO Number Standardization
    • SKU Number Standardization
    • Custom Data Standardization
  • Data Enhancement & Enrichment (Firstlogic® DQ & SAP® DQM)
    • Centroid Geocoding (Latitude/Longitude) Assignment
    • Interpolated Address Level Geocoding
    • Parcel Rooftop Geocoding
    • Reverse Lookup (Lat/Long->Addresses)
    • Points of Interest Geocoding
    • Population Class
    • Side- of-street Assignment
    • MCD & Census blocks
    • 3rd Party Referential Directories
  • Data Match/Consolidation (Firstlogic® DQ & SAP® DQM)
    • De-duplication
    • Individual Householding
    • Corporate Householding
    • Best Record
  • Data Quality Management (DQM) Integrated Connectors
    • DQM for Siebel CRM & UCM Connector
    • DQM for PeopleSoft CRM Connector
    • DQM for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Connector
    • DQM for Informatica PowerCenter Connector
    • DQM for SAP CRM & ECC Connector
    • DQM SDK for Custom Applications

Data Integration

Extract, transform, and load data from data applications, databases, or other data stores to create a complete view of enterprise information that can be delivered to any application tool in your enterprise.

    • History Preservation
    • Pivot/Reverse Pivot
    • Hierarchy Flattening
    • Data Transfer
    • Date Generation
    • Effective Date
    • Key Generation
    • Change Data Capture


Business Intelligence

A successful BI platform must support all the information access, interaction, and analysis needs of the different profiles of users across your organization, all based on a common framework.

    • SAP Crystal Reports® software is the clear industry standard for reporting and helps you design, explore, visualize, and deliver reports via the Web or embedded in enterprise applications.
    • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence® and SAP BusinessObjects Analysis software enables your users to identify trends and find root causes from just about any data source including an SAP HANA database, relational databases, and OLAP cubes.
    • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer® enables business users to explore mountains of heterogeneous information at the speed of thought.
    • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards® software is a drag-and-drop visualization tool designed to create interactive analytics for powerful, personalized dashboards with live connections to any data source.
    • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI® solutions mobilize your enterprise by delivering instant, powerful mobile BI that doesn’t simply replicate what the desktop PC offers, but rather leverages the power of today’s cutting-edge smartphones and tablets to deliver a fundamentally better experience.
    • SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics® solutions include market-leading functionality for data mining and predictive analysis, so that data analysts and business users can explore past and present business scenarios, as well as uncover trends and identify outliers to project future outcomes.