SAP Information Steward
SAP® Information Steward leverages integrated data profiling and metadata management to understand and analyze the trustworthiness of your enterprise information.

Business Users Understand and Measure Data Quality

The SAP Information Steward application provides the tools you need to understand and analyze the trustworthiness of your enterprise information. With integrated data profiling and metadata management functionality, the solution provides continuous insight into the quality of your data giving you the power to improve the effectiveness of your operational, analytical, and governance initiatives.



SAP Information Steward

SAP Information Steward offers comprehensive functionality that can enable the following:

    • Data profiling – improve information trustworthiness and reduce the risk of propagating bad data.
    • Metadata management – consolidate, integrate, and audit your metadata from all relevant sources.
    • Root cause and impact analysis – determine the origin of data quality problems and how they impact downstream processes or information assets.
    • Validation rule management – define data validation rules against data sources and apply rules continuously to monitor data quality.
    • Creation of a metadata business glossary – promote a common understanding and acceptance of business terms and build a central storage location.
    • Development of cleansing packages – create and reuse the rules, patterns, and dictionary that comprise data cleansing packages.


Single Solution for Managing Enterprise Data Quality

With SAP Information Steward, you can achieve significant benefits:

    • Reduce the complexity of your IT landscape – thanks to a single solution for data profiling and metadata management.
    • Increase efficiency and reduce data costs – with an environment that enables business and IT users to collaborate more effectively.
    • Improve data management processes – by using tools that support better governance.
    • Enhance data quality with increased transparency into the reliability, origins, and lineage of your data.