Firstlogic® PAF Manager

Firstlogic PAF Manager is a streamlined Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) information management system for USPS NCOALink Licensees which allows users to conveniently maintain current PAF data and documentation.

Firstlogic PAF Manager enables you to:

    • Create a new PAF and generate a PDF ready for customer signature
    • Easily see warnings on PAFs about to expire within a specified timeframe
    • Renew and modify an existing PAF
    • Enter Licensee information once and it will autofill when creating a new PAF
    • Edit Broker/Agent or List Administrator Information
    • Attach signed forms to a PAF record in the database
    • Search & Display PAF Forms
    • Search a NAICS list to find the correct industry codes


    • Comply With USPS® PAF Process - This tool helps users build their company's PAF procedures and adhere to strict USPS PAF guidelines.
    • Simple User Interface - Users can easily search the PAF database to create, renew or modify a PAF, then generate a PAF PDF document ready for signatures. Simply attach signed PDF’s to the PAF database.
    • Easily Manage Required Attachments - The application manages attached forms required for the PAF process. Select which forms to copy to renewed or modified PAF’s.
    • Save Time Entering Licensee Information - Enter licensee information only once. The application auto-populates new PAF’s with stored data.
    • Simplify NAICS Data Lookup - Import North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) data and simply lookup the appropriate code without leaving the Firstlogic PAF Manager.

Supported Platforms:

    • Windows Server 2008 SP2
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows 7 SP1
    • Windows 8

Supported Databases:

    • MySQL
    • SQL Server
    • SAP SQL Anywhere
    • Oracle

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