Firstlogic® DQM for Siebel® CRM & UCM

Firstlogic DQM for Siebel CRM & UCM provides real-time global address cleansing and duplicate detection.

Ensure Data Quality in Siebel CRM & UCM

Today's stringent customer demands and burgeoning expectations are driving the need to share consistent, accurate, and timely data across the enterprise. With the proliferation of customer relationship management (CRM) applications bridging multiple platforms, it is essential to identify and maintain current customer data while building an effective information infrastructure for future success.

With Firstlogic® Data Quality Management software for Siebel®, you can quickly deploy a data quality process within Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Siebel Universal Customer Master (UCM) environments to add value to these applications, build user confidence in the data, and enable trusted decisions. And the software includes prebuilt functionality which can expedite deployment and user adoption.


Firstlogic® DQM for Siebel Connector

Firstlogic® DQM for Siebel can enable the following:

    • Create a single-record view at point of entry – take advantage of quality management as you enter and update critical customer data.
    • Real-time and batch cleansing of customer data – optimize interactions with customers and prospects.
    • Eliminate duplicate records – provide your customer service representatives with comprehensive information about customers and prospects.
    • Design and implement effective marketing campaigns – help users make better-informed decisions and optimize campaigns.


Better Data Quality for Siebel CRM & UCM

Firstlogic® DQM for Siebel can deliver the following benefits:

    • Improve efficiency of office procedures – simplify system adoption so you can better serve clients and partners.
    • Get business process support – support your customers' business processes.
    • Enable better decisions – base decision making on reliable, quality data from the start.
    • Allow profitable outcomes – accurately profile customers, optimize interactions with prospects, share reliable information across the employee base, and understand business patterns from partner transactions.