Firstlogic Solutions


Valued Customers

Firstlogic Solutions® delivers solutions to midsize and large enterprises from across the North, South, East and West USA and Canada.



The Firstlogic Solutions team is privileged to work with an array of fine organizations including:

    • Midsize companies and large enterprises and organizations
    • Companies from across the United States and Canada
    • Public sector state & local organizations and universities
    • Existing SAP and SAP BusinessObjects customers
    • Former Firstlogic and BusinessObjects customers
    • New SAP customers



Data Quality challenges are not isolated to a few specific industries.  In fact, our successful customers are from virtually all major industries including:

    • consumer products
    • database marketing
    • financial services
    • high tech & software
    • higher education & research
    • insurance
    • internet commerce
    • manufacturing
    • media & publishing
    • non-profit associations
    • printing & converting
    • professional services
    • public sector
    • retail
    • telecommunications
    • utilities
    • wholesale distribution


Our Firstlogic Solutions team has successfully delivered data quality solutions to SAP customers in the District of Columbia and across 36 states across the USA including:

    • Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi
    • Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, North Dakota
    • New Mexico, Nevada, California, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Washington
    • Arizonia, Texas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota
    • Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey
    • New York, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont