Address Quality


World-Class Address Cleansing, Data Cleansing, Data Enhancement, Data Matching & Data Consolidation

    • To deliver better customer experiences, you need targeted customer communications.
    • SAP Data Quality Management (DQM) supports address correction and encoding, data and list management, data cleansing, geocoding, merge and purge activities, and mail preparation to achieve maximum postage discounts.



Address Cleansing, Data Cleansing & Match/Consolidation

    • Having correct, complete, and clean customer information is essential to operating efficiently and providing high quality customer experiences.
    • For example, when your marketing department organizes a direct marketing campaign, you want to send one communication to each e-mail or physical address – not multiple copies, as this drives up campaign costs and frustrates customers.
    • And at the same time, you need to send these communications using the correct, current contact information for each customer or prospect.
    • The challenge, of course, is that customer and prospect data is constantly changing since people move every day.
    • Physical addresses, for example, are subject to conversion by localities or simply rendered useless for various other reasons.
    • What’s needed is a way to bring customer contact data into full compliance with the standards set by the United States Postal Service (USPS), find and eliminate duplicates, keep data current over time, and discover insightful relationships within data to improve business operations and outcomes.
    • With SAP Data Quality Management (DQM), you can manage all of these challenges – and set the stage for on target customer communications, improved operations, and increased customer satisfaction.
    • Using Address Cleansing functionality, you can achieve the highest-possible level of address quality for your operations.
    • The Data Cleansing capability provides data cleansing functions including data parsing and standardization using the data dictionary included with the product.  
    • And leveraging complementary Match/Consolidation features, you can identify and fix duplicates, as well as understand complex, cross-functional relationships between your company and its customers – insights needed to make more profitable business decisions.

Achieve Mail and Postal Compliance

    • SAP Data Quality Management (DQM) is address correction, encoding, and match-and-consolidation solutions that bring addresses into full compliance with the standards set by the USPS®.
    • You can use SAP DQM to correct, complete, and standardize address data for even the largest mail volumes, setting the stage for on target, efficient mailings that receive maximum possible postage savings.
    • At the same time, it enables you to match, consolidate, associate, and identify customer data elements being entered into your enterprise applications.
    • Armed with clean data and new insights into your customer data, you can produce more effective, targeted campaigns and provide better customer service.
    • The software is designed for ease of use – for example, it includes a wizard setup tool to help you quickly take advantage of the software’s powerful matching and consolidation features.
    • You may need to link records, find relationships within disparate data sets, create households, or find “snowbirds” – people who live at different addresses at different times of the year.
    • In each case, the wizard will help you turn your customer or operational data into a valuable asset while saving you time and money.
    • For example, it helps you:
      • Get your jobs into production more quickly.
      • Increase your production output.
      • Create relationships automatically and intuitively within your data sets.
      • Take advantage of best-practice templates based on over 30 years of experience.
      • Build your entire job by selecting just a few parameters.

Keep Up with Customers Who Move


    • If you are claiming presorted or automation rates for first-class mail, the USPS® requires that you use an approved method of move-updating on your data.
    • You also need to be able to demonstrate that the addresses in your mailing lists have been updated within a specified time frame.
    • Plus, because Americans move an average of every five years – some even more often – your organization may find that you are gradually losing contact with more and more of your valuable customers.
    • For this reason, move-updating your data is vital in helping you maintain the integrity of your customer database.
    • SAP Data Quality Management (DQM) allows you to keep track of your U.S. customers when they file a change of address.
    • This program, offered by USPS®, enables organizations to access move-update information in a secure, encrypted format.
    • SAP DQM is certified by the USPS® Coding Accuracy Support System.
    • As a result, you can use the software to access move-update data without the need for hardware connections or complex security provisions.
    • These updates are essential to maintaining complete, up-to-date address data, which reduces the costs and delays associated with incorrectly addressed and undelivered mail.



Improve the Precision of Your Address Data

    • The SAP DQM software enables you to determine which customer addresses within a given range are actually valid.
    • Screen out undeliverable-as-addressed mail by identifying whether a particular address is known to USPS® as a valid point for delivering mail.
    • Determine whether an address is a commercial mail receiving agency, such as The UPS Store, which can help detect and fight mail-order fraud.
    • Break ties between addresses in situations where the pre-directional information is incorrect or missing, generally increasing assignment rates 1% to 2%.


Precisely Pinpoint Your Targets with Geocoding

    • With SAP Data Quality Management (DQM), you can leverage geographic census data to post precise geographical codes to your data as addresses are cleansed.
    • For example, you can append customer address records with attributes regarding latitude, longitude, Federal Information Processing Standards (codes for state, county, and place), metropolitan statistical area, and census block information.
    • You can leverage Geocoding directories to:
      • Gain access to various mapping applications to analyze market penetration, resulting in more finely targeted marketing programs and increased response rates.
      • More accurately target your customers for direct response campaigns.
      • Gain a more accurate market picture so you can equitably distribute territories and sales quotas.
      • Make better business decisions, including proximity, drive time, location, and more.

Gain Insight and Improve Cost Savings

    • Using SAP Data Quality Management (DQM), you can readily identify the delivery type of each address as either residential or nonresidential.
    • This is particularly helpful for parcel mailers, as the vast majority of American addresses are residential and some delivery services charge higher rates to deliver to these addresses, while others, such as USPS®, do not.
    • Because SAP DQM allows you to recognize which addresses in your lists are residences, you can then ship parcels to those addresses with USPS®, rather than a competitor who will apply a residential surcharge.



Match, Link, or Consolidate Customer Records


    • With SAP Data Quality Management (DQM), you can quickly uncover relationships within one or multiple data sources – for example, to identify duplicates – and use this insight to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
    • The software enables you to combine various sources of information – both internal and external – into a single repository to create a streamlined view of your customers.
    • You can then match and consolidate account records to create a single, complete view of customer addresses and detect and eliminate duplicates so you can delete them from mailing lists.
    • In addition, you can:
      • Use “householding” techniques to identify members of the same household or, on the corporate level, to identify employees of a single company or department.
      • Define and implement your own business rules to identify customers within data sets – for example, using household, family, and individual.
      • Process multiple sets of business rules so you can identify hidden relationships in your data.
      • Assign a unique identification number for each record to create relationships between distinctly different sets of data.
      • Selectively choose data on a field by- field basis to build a “best” consolidated record.
      • Combine records by matching different forms of the same name or firm such as “Beth” and “Elizabeth” or “AT&T,” “ATT,” and “att”.
      • Utilize suppression lists to remove records that shouldn’t be included in a mailing.


Increase the Impact of Your Address Validation Processes

    • You can choose to enhance SAP Data Quality Management (DQM) with U.S.-certified address directory options which are available for an additional fee.
    • SAP provides software interfaces to the USPS® databases and services including NCOALink®, SuiteLink®, LACSLink®, DPV®, RDI™ and Geocoding.
    • All methods can be integrated into a single-pass process, resulting in exceptional address quality.



Increase Business Value & Revenue Opportunities

    • With SAP Data Quality Management (DQM), you can quickly and efficiently clean up and maintain customer data, as well as turn this data into a valuable business asset for improved decision making.
    • You’ll benefit from:
      • Lower postage and printing costs by sending direct mail only to addresses known to USPS and selectively shipping parcels using USPS® to avoid residential address surcharges.
      • Improved campaign outcomes by accurately segmenting and targeting campaigns to the right customers and addresses.
      • Better customer experiences and relationships by communicating efficiently with customers, staying in touch as they relocate, and eliminating duplicate mailings that drive up costs.
      • Increased efficiency by using wizards and templates to get jobs into production more quickly and increase production output.
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